You are right, Russel. The focus is on taking control. I’m thrilled that that came across in the article. My intent was not to whine that the whole thing was his fault and that I am his victim. I am not a puppet…I made the wrong choice. I caved to pressure. That is on me.

In getting my implants out, I am choosing to not participate in just the kind of alteration and augmentation of my body that you talk about. By extension, no husband of mine will need hair transplants. In fact, my ex was bald and insecure about it and I never missed an opportunity to tell him that I thought his bald head was sexy…because it was a part of him.

And, conversely, I will not be with a man for whom my natural breasts aren’t sexy enough to arouse him. I am sexy and won’t be diminished to or defined by a single physical attribute. I am a whole person and will no longer have sex with men who reduce me to parts and pieces.

We are all whole people. Men and women, alike. Period.

Thank you for your thoughtful addition to the conversation. You make some great points. :)

Mama, writer, lover, fighter — I wear my heart on my sleeve because my pants pockets are too small.

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