Yes. There should be no guilt or shame about the feelings. We are in agreement.

Your response felt like a lot of time spent defending your credentials and expertise and not actually hearing what I was saying.

Let me be clear. I take issue with this:

The future does not promise that “time” will “take care” of the love they feel and it will not dissipate entirely on its own. The light of a new life will not happen until she heals the trauma within herself. It does not “disappear”. And neither do those feelings because they are rooted deeply and need to be weeded out.

Weeds grow bigger.

And this is why it is SO important to take responsibility. Saying “feel the feels and don’t feel bad about it” is all well and good but it doesn’t help anyone until you say “Here’s how to do that”, not just “it’ll go away on its own.”

It won’t.

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