With all of the conversation about “incels” (I can’t bring myself to use that term without quotes) this comment strikes me.

The reasonable position of those of us who don’t identify as “incels” is unwavering protestation at the idea that anyone owes anyone else sexual contact, but we are talking about prisoners in terms of their needs and how violence can ensue if they don’t have outlets for sexual release with their loved ones.

I see the obvious differences in how we aren’t requiring anyone to have sex with prisoners against their will or killing them in retaliation when they don’t, but that’s not where I’m drawing the comparison.

The part that makes me uneasy is the talk about the “right” to sexual contact and how that argument could be exploited by those sympathetic to the incel story arc. If we concede that there is truly a right to sexual contact and we accept that it makes us all safer from the violence of the deprived, which seems to be an accepted consequence of the deprivation, how are we not responsible for finding solutions to the “incel” problem?

***It just occurred to me, in real time, that the things that have been proposed to help alleviate the discontent of the “incels” (i.e. legalized prostitution, AI Robot companions, mental health and relationship counseling) are things that are vehemently rejected by the “incels” themselves, because it’s not really about sex with them. It’s about misogyny and entitlement. It’s about “getting sex” with the “best women” because they are owed it. They want sex redistributed from the “alpha” males down to them, as if women were currency.

You point is that being deprived of physical/sexual contact with loved ones is inhumane. That makes sense.


{I think better through writing and, even though I already resolved this, I posted it in case anyone else’s brain was leading them down the same path}

Mama, writer, lover, fighter — I wear my heart on my sleeve because my pants pockets are too small. www.ajkaywriter.com

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