What’s your source on this stat?

The heavily relied upon Imperial study gave a mean hospitalization rate of 4.4%, with 30% of those resulting in the need for critical care (presumably from ARDS).


Current numbers don’t play out your 20–30%, either. I’ve been watching this ratio for 5 days and it has never exceeded 5% for the US.

That’s the number of hospitalizations, including both non-ICU (severe) and ICU (critical) patients. I understand there’s a lag, so time will tell, but no credible sources support your claim of 20–30%. None.

Please, for the sake of stopping the dissemination of panic-inducing stats — either cite your source or correct your figures. It sounds like you haven’t taken the Hippocratic Oath yet, but you have an opportunity to start practicing “Do no harm” right now.

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