I wrote a thoughtful comment to what I thought was a sincere — albeit misguided — piece… and then realized that I got suckered.


In my defense, I would swear it wasn’t full of linkbacks on my first read. Subscribers, like me, patronize Medium to read fresh content and escape this kind of garbage.

This is one egregiously SEO manipulating, deceptive, native advertising, clickbait spam piece full of undisclosed affiliate links and linkbacks to the pub’s own website, which violates Medium’s Rules for Content WRT Spam:

“Posting content primarily to drive traffic to, or increase the search rankings of, an external site, product, or service”


(13) Refinery29’s website

(3) Amazon

(1) Spotify

(1) Netflix

(1) Complex.com

(1) Catpower

Bush-league, low-rent, deceptive marketing bullshit disguised as sincere writing chaps my ass.

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