This piece meant something a little different for me than perhaps you were intending.

I recently broke my dominant arm in three places and the fingers on my right hand were/are temporarily unable to type.

Being a writer by profession, the creative process is one of personal development — and it gets under my skin sometimes. Composing a piece, especially in my preferred genre of narrative non-fiction wherein I have to draw on lived experiences and do some intense self-reflection, can be an emotional struggle. So much so that there are no shortage of moments in which I fantasize about scrapping the freelancing and getting a mindless 9–5. I go through spells of wanting to throw up my hands and just quit writing because it, all too frequently, feels like shit.

This broken arm gave me a solid, justifiable excuse to, at the very least, take a break. No one (well, very few) would’ve blamed me for saying, “Gee… I just can’t write with this broken arm and all.”

Except there’s this hard truth:

When you commit to a process of self improvement, you never cancel.

No quitting. No canceling. Right hand doesn’t work? Well, that sounds like a helluva personal growth experience waiting to happen. A test of resourcefulness, a test of tenacity, a test of my commitment to shouldering the burden of performance and not opting out because it's easier.

Thank you for the piece. It was an excellent reminder why I need to keep going.

I’ll probably need a few more of those in the next several months.

Mama, writer, lover, fighter — I wear my heart on my sleeve because my pants pockets are too small.