They want “MILFs” because they want their girlfriends/wives to be their mommies, too.

This is why wives “withhold” sex…because they’re no longer attracted to their man/child husbands. His sexual needs are just another box to check on the “to-do” list, while hers went out the window a long time ago. This is how the ass-backward “chores for sex” paradigm got established. This is one reason why 70% of divorces are inititiated by women.

The term “MILF” has got to go. How about “WILF”?— How about “ ‘wife’ or ‘woman’ I love to fuck, because ->she’s amazing in bed, because -> she’s attracted to me, because -> I’m a grown-up Man who contributes to the emotional and physical labor of the relationship, because -> she’s a fantastic mother to her/our children but not me, because -> I don’t need a mommy anymore” ???

Hell…I’d mop that man’s floors all day…in heels…and just an apron. Except, he wouldn’t want me to. He knows my energy is worth more than that.

That’s my “MILF” right there…Man (capital M) I’d Love to Fuck. I’d be his WILF any day.

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