Sure. I see your point.

I would contend that that kind of attraction is primarily about lust and lust isn’t a foundation for relationships (nor does it last very long). I’m talking about the kind of attraction needed to sustain both a “real” life and a sex life.

I went through a “sweet young thing” phase shortly after my separation. I craved validation that I was attractive and still a sexual being. Having a hot young man 10 years my junior chomping at the bit was great…and it was fleeting and served a different purpose than a committed relationship. I was their mommy, too, but I knew that going in. I knew what I wanted from them and didn’t expect any more.

None of my younger dates (under 30) would’ve been remotely capable of supplying what I need in a complex adult partnership and I didn’t even consider involving them in my “real” life. They were down time distractions (and, for the record, they knew it and it worked for them, too.)

Once I found my confidence, my lust for the young ones faded.

So, while I agree that young men are sexually attractive to many older women (Because biology), the needs that drive women to seek out younger men are different than those that women aspire for a partner to meet.

Mama, writer, lover, fighter — I wear my heart on my sleeve because my pants pockets are too small.

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