Maybe send a note over to Forge pub.

“Zoom dread”??? “Quarantinespo”??? “Stress baking”???

There’s a pretty fucking narrow scope of people who will find these terms relatable.

Here are some suggestions I proposed to Medium, via Twitter, as additions, to be a little more inclusive of ALL quarantine experiences:

“Gas tank chicken” — The game you play when you notice your gas tank is on empty while heading into your second hour in line for the drive-up food bank. Kind of like Kramer and the test drive, but with hungry kids in the back seat.

.“Chemo-philia” — The longing you feel when you didn’t realize how much you’d miss vomiting from your cancer treatments until the elective procedure ban delayed them indefinitely.

“PPP-d off” — The anger you felt when the small business you’d been building for 15 years went under because Paycheck Protection funds were handed out to big ass corporations before you could receive yours and save your venture.

“Landlord Lottery” — When you desperately go searching (online, of course) for a new apartment because the eviction moratoriums only delay the Writ of Removal and you’ve been warned that, as soon as the ban is lifted, all back rent will be immediately due (including legal fees) and the Sheriff will be waiting to kick you out on your ass.

and my favorite:

“Granny Guilt” — The shame that makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning when scores of people accuse you of being a murderer for being vocal about lifting lockdown because you aren’t fortunate enough to have COVID be the most significant risk to your health, life, and well-being.

Maybe you can leverage your privilege and they’ll listen to you — since they sure as shit haven’t listened to me.

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