Listen … You wrote an article entitled, “How Peloton Turned Selling Fitness Equipment on Its Head”. It was filled with superlatives and you put in a marketing pub.

“…but what exactly is so special about all this that allows Peloton to dominate the hundreds of better-funded, bigger-name competitors chasing after the same consumer’s attention Peloton is trying to capture?

“Direct to Consumer business model + really really great branding.”

That’s a great question and a good start to an answer.

B2C isn’t innovative in the Fitness vertical. The home fitness segment has been healthy and growing for a long time. Peloton didn’t carve out differentiation by establishing a new niche. They latched on to an existing one, albeit a different one than other stationary cycle manufacturers and for good reason — they are straddling segments.

So what makes them different? Why does B2C work for them when it doesn’t for others?

There is something innovative about what they do … The answer ain't just “B2C”.

And leaving that unanswered makes your article sound like an undisclosed sponsored blog post instead of a knowledge sharing vehicle.

Mama, writer, lover, fighter — I wear my heart on my sleeve because my pants pockets are too small.

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