Hi J Apple Muncy! I appreciate the sympathy and the concern.

Two of the things that are helping me are 1.) focusing on what I can control and 2.) taking responsibility.

I didn’t hit him. I don’t have that in me. I’m a lover first, fighter…sixth, maybe seventh. He’s entitled to his boundaries and it’s not my place to question them.

I’m recovered from my episode and now just need to process the grief. I am going to start a new kind of therapy on Monday to try to change the way my brain responds to anxiety — DBT.

Im sure I’ll write about it, being a “bare my soul” kid of gal. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for the concern. It makes my heart a little warmer. :)

Mama, writer, lover, fighter — I wear my heart on my sleeve because my pants pockets are too small. www.ajkaywriter.com

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