Hi Dan!

It’s normal to be scared of change.

“If it aint broke, don’t fix it, amiright???”

Yes. Except that it is broke.

Companies that were once lumbering corporate behemoths have been reduced to insignificance. Their adherence to the bland decor, professional rigidity, managerial heirarchy, and neglect of their employees’ humanity (basically a failure to innovate) is what cost them their lives.

That’s a fact.

Your article contains no shortage of unsupported, offhand accusations aimed at LSP (and other innovative serious play methods) centering around “cults”, “indoctrination”, “gaslighting”, “delusion”, and “psychosis”, to name a few.

That’s some pretty powerful verbiage to level at a process which you also confoundingly characterize as “pointless” and “silly”.


We rail strongly against the things we are most afraid of.


Look, I don’t have a horse in this race. I’m not employed in the tech field. I don’t possess any empirical data on the effectiveness of the LSP approach (although I’m sure Julia does). My interest in this piece is as a fellow writer.

And, frankly, this is not an honest piece.

And honest piece would say, “LSP scares me because I was taught that if I followed the bland, corporate rules, I’d be granted job security. I’m accustomed to a work environment where we are not required to acknowledge our employees’ humanity — things like emotions, motivations, or diverse learning styles. Now things are changing…rapidly…and that’s terrifying. I don’t understand it and I’m afraid I will end up jobless, homeless, and loveless.”

Fear is a tough wall to break through. It’s easier to construct an argument about why the thing you are scared of is “silly” and “infantile”; to delegitimize it.You don’t have to draw people a map to convince them that LEGO is traditionally a product associated with children.

But what you do have to get them to do is ignore the empirical data that counters your position. One good way to do that is to load up an article with words like “cults” and “gaslighting” that prey on their fears.

And to what end? In the hopes that you won’t lose your job when you fail to conform? Because there will be others rebelling with you? And they can’t fire you all, right? BUT if they do, it will be because of their moral failing in trying to make everyone into “lab rats”.

You may end up jobless, homeless, and loveless, but at least you’ll be able to justify your moral superiority, amiright?

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