Came for the smelly testicles, stayed for the comments.

Mind you, I only have a BS in Psychology, but I did not see that little exchange coming. Best part of my day, Mr. Need-For-Control.

A few thoughts:

A.) I really dig the way my man’s body smells after a workout. Did Cindy co-sign the complete elimination of your manly musk? I’d advise any man reading to check with their ladies first. Your honeys may want to stick one of those smelly tees in their bureau for, um, well…’personal use’ when you’re away. 😉

B.) The struggle is real. I, too, have issues with my whites staying white in the pits and my bed sheets accumulating body oils, and I am a minimally hairy, sweaty, b.o.-having human (to an odd degree). And those panty stains can be a real bitch. I’ve taken to going at them with a toothbrush and Dawn. I think more people will find this useful than will admit it.

C.) My mom has always promoted OxyClean as her stain-fighting kryptonite. And I always thought she was full of shit. Thanks to your article, I will be giving it another go! (What that says about my relationship with my mom is a different story.)


Mama, writer, lover, fighter — I wear my heart on my sleeve because my pants pockets are too small.

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