“Ally Alligator Learns Not to Be Upset and to Save the World When His Mom and Dad Go on Vacation”

Written by Jane, age 4. (This one is even more ridiculous than it sounds.)

(When she was between three and five years old, my oldest daughter, Jane, who is now 16, used to write little books based on the characters she learned in her phonics lessons in preschool. She would color the pictures and dictate the words and I would print them for her and help her assemble them.

Recently we unearthed a collection of 15+ of these books that we thought were lost to the ages, and read them out loud together, some times with her younger sisters, recording our reactions.

This is the second one we have posted. It’s pretty ridiculous.

I hope you find the books, and the audio commentary, half as entertaining as we do. :)

“Ally Alligator Learns Not to Be Upset and to Save the World When Mom and Dad Go on Vacation — By Jayne — 1/15/07, 9:45am”
“Mom and Dad were leaving from the house. They went on vacation. The sister, Al Alligator, and the brother, Ally Alligator, were soooooo happy. Well, the sister was happy but the brother was so upset. He just sat there on his bed, crying in his pillow.”
Then Mom and Dad drove away in their car.”
“They saw their car inside the Eiffel Tower.”
“The Eiffel Tower is a big vacation tower and it got destroyed along with their car, everyone’s cars, and the whole city of Texas.”
“Then Ally Alligator showed up in his Super Suit!”
“Ally Alligator came and rebuilded the city of Texas and the cars.”
“And then they could all share a waterball, massage bed that has little hands that come up that massage you and it throws water balls at you too. The End.”

The End :)

Mama, writer, lover, fighter — I wear my heart on my sleeve because my pants pockets are too small. www.ajkaywriter.com

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