A most sincere and heartfelt, “Thank you.” The polarity of positioning on this topic, like so many others in our culture, is extreme to the point of hyperbole.

Your response is informed, measured, and inclusive of all concerns and, unlike most, doesn’t rely on any particular set of statistics, none of which — given the extremely limited scope of testing and heterogeneity of geographic populations and public health responses — can be substantiated anyway.

The one thing I hope individual and communities do, in addition to your recommendations, is ramp up the focus on actual health care in the US, vs. the “sick care” we currently practice. Acute care is important, never moreso than right now, but given how the risk of severe illness with this novel virus (and pretty much any infectious diseases) is amplified by co-morbidities and increased biological age, a pivot toward maintaining good metabolic health is essential moving forward.

Mama, writer, lover, fighter — I wear my heart on my sleeve because my pants pockets are too small. www.ajkaywriter.com

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