If safety requires us to indefinitely forfeit the most valuable parts of our lives, what exactly are we trying to save?

“Grandpa’s Arms” by Johnny Cohen https://unsplash.com/photos/OxOxqLAWvE0

This decision wasn’t about the kids

On July 29th, a freight train derailed and caught fire in Tempe, AZ, collapsing a 100 year old bridge. On August 5th, the local school district voted to delay in-person education until at least October, having been remote since March. The fallout from the July disaster will be less costly and easier to fix than that of August. Photo credit Thomas P Seager, PhD

This is me: A.J. Kay, with my family. I’m a writer and mom to four girls and I published “The Curve is Already Flat”, on April 3rd, 2020. I have no political affiliation or covert agenda. My goal was simply to figure out what was going on and investiagate what the media narrative wasn’t adding up. I want to live in a world where ideas rise and fall on their merits — an aspiration that Medium claims to share. And yet, after 48 hours and 300K+ reads, Medium pulled down my article, effectively censoring those ideas. So, I e-mailed Medium, asking them to reconsider. I have yet to receive a response. This is that e-mail.

Photo Credit: Daan Stevens https://unsplash.com/photos/yGUuMIqjIrU

Here is our story and a timeline, told via text

My 12-year-old daughter, Charly, with a 104.2 fever. I spent the day reading at her bedside.

And what it taught me about my eating disorder

A letter to my daughter on her 18th birthday

Jane and I, circa 2003

Photo cred: Trent Szmolnik /Unsplash

Short Fiction — Parts 1, 2, and 3

photo cred: Riley Crawford (Unsplash)

After a lifetime of looking good for other people, I needed to reclaim my body

Photos courtesy of the author.

A.J. Kay

Mama, writer, lover, fighter — I wear my heart on my sleeve because my pants pockets are too small. www.ajkaywriter.com

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